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Vinnytsia welcomes you. Modern Vinnytsia is a city that remembers and honors its history of over seven centuries, while builds its future and sees the prospect of its development in the years ahead. In 2013, Development Strategy "Vinnytsia-2020" was adopted, which defines our main goal - Vinnytsia has to become a modern European city of friendly and smiling people. This isthe city of a Strong community, Modern, Interesting, Liveable, Energetic, and all together it is a "SMILE CITY."

We hope that Vinnytsia remains in your memory as a compact, comfortable and creative city, where friendly, tolerant, and open to communication people live, seeking new experiences and acquaintances. People who share a common goal -to live in a modern city aimed at high standards of life quality and innovations in various fields. City where one would love to go back again and again. And Vinnytsia always welcomes guests. Enjoy your stay in our city!

Vinnytsia is a regional center, а multicultural city, open to new ideas, is known for its cultural and scientific life; has a strong industrial potential and well-developed transport infrastructure. The city lies on both banks of the Southern Bug River in the central part of Ukraine.

Area of the city: 68.68 km2.

Population (01.01.2017): 372.7 thousand people.

Almost 90 % of employable population use public transport.

Vinnytsia is a city of young people: 55 °/o of its residents are children and young people.

The city has the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland and the State Migration Center established in accordance with European standards.

The city became one of the first regional centers of Ukraine that received international quality certificates of ISO 9001.


13 higher education institutions.

40 schools, 37 of which belong to the city.

55 pre-schools.

16 youth clubs.

5 stadiums and field and track arena. Nearly 40 health care and medical institutions, 15 of which are in municipal property.

Geographic location:

260 km from Kyiv,

429 km of Odesa,

369 km from Lviv,

571 km from Dniepro.

In 1919, in times of the Directorate, Vinnytsia was the capital of Ukraine.

May 17,1920, Jozef Pilsudski made a historic speech in Vinnytsia that ended with the words: "Long live free Ukraine!".

In 1991, Vinnytsia became one of the first cities in Ukraine which raised the national yellow and blue flag on the main square.

TAKE A PEEK INTO THE PAST. People have been living on Vinnytsia lands since Trypillya times. The official date of the founding of the city is 1363, when the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas, having beaten Horde army at the Battle of Blue Water,charged brothers Koriyatovych to strengthen South Ponyssia (Podillia) with walled cities. Among others appeared Vinnytsia-a wooden fortification on the waftage over river Boh. Vinnytsia gradually acquired political weight.

Attheturn ofXVI-XVII centuries, administration of Bratslav province of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth moved here. On May 30,1640, by privilege of Polish king the city was granted the Magdeburg Right. Vinnytsia remained an administrative center of Bratslavshchina after accession of Podillya to Russia as a result of 2nd Division of Poland (1793).

At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, Vinnytsia had been rapidly developing as an industrial and cultural centre. During the civil war in 1919-1920 for a few months in Vinnytsia stayed the government of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Directorate. In 1932, the city became the administrative center of newly established Vinnytsia Oblast of the USSR. During occupation of 1941-1944, inVinnytsia Germans placed generalship of the Eastern Front and the bunker "Werewolf" was built nearthe city. On March 20,1944, Vinnytsia was released by the Red Army.

During the second half of the twentieth century city was developing rapidly, increasing geographically and in numbers. Since Ukraine gained its independence, Vinnytsia became a city, which deservedly is considered a regional leaderofthe Right Bankand one of the best cities in Ukraine.

THE CITY WITH A LOOK INTOTHE FUTURE. Development Strategy "Vinnytsia-2020," which was adopted in 2013, reflects new ambitious goals of urban development that point the way to achieving its sustainable future as a dynamic and creative city to live and work.

Vinnytsia aims to become a city of friendly and smiling people.

The smile on the faces of citizens is an expression of their inner wellbeing and willingness to communicate with others.

We believe that Vinnytsia citizens will celebrate every day of their lives with a smile, beam at each other and our guests, thinking of themselves as proud residents of the city with a strong community, a modern, interesting, easy to live and full of energy city (Strong, Modern, Interesting, Liveable, Energetic - SMILE City).

Development Strategy "Vinnytsia-2020" consists of 5 key priorities of city development:

- Building a strong community;

- Economic development with high and quality employment;

- Environmental sustainability and improvement of communal services;

- Social quality;

- Coherent urban and spatial development.

INVEST IN THE CITY. Today, inVinnytsia operate 100 large and medium industrial enterprises, which produce a wide range of industrial products. Small business is characterized by dynamic development. The city has about 4 thousand of small businesses. The total number of employees in the city economic complex is 170 thousand.

Every year, the volume of foreign direct investment coming from more than 40 countries increases. The balance of foreign trade is positive. Foreign trade transactions are carried out with the partners from 100 countries of the world.

In 2014, the city territory with an area of over 80 hectares was defined as Vinnytsia Industrial Park (VIP). The procedure of including the territory in the State Register of industrial Parks was initiated.

Rating agency "IBI-Rating" confirmed rating of investment attractiveness of the city at the level invA-, which characterizes high investment attractiveness.

The Investment Promotion Program in Vinnytsia in 2014-2020 was developed as a tool for investment planning. A key measure of the Program is the implementation of the mechanism to support investment "The Investor Guide." It provides consulting and hands-on assistance to the investor at all stages: from the decision to invest and through the final stage of project implementation.

The industrial sector of the city is represented by companies that manufacture a wide range of industrial products: PJSC "Vinnytsia Confectionery Factory," JSC "Vinnytsia Oil and Fat Plant," LLC "Barlinek Invest," JSC "Vinnytsiapobuthim," LLC "Agrana Fruit Ukraine," SUIPP LLC "Sperko-Ukraine" and others.

In 2012, a second in Vinnytsia and one of the largest in Ukraine confectioneries of "ROSHEN" corporation was opened in the city.

Polish-Ukrainian company "Barlinek Invest" is the largest manufacturer of three-layer parquet board in Ukraine. Investments in the construction of the plant "Barlinek" in Vinnytsia amounted about $75 million.

In 2013, the company"Bastion-20og" specializing in the production of siding and front panels started its business.

The total amount of investment is 42.5 million UAH.

Vinnytsia Oil and Fat Plant, which is a part of an industrial group "Vioil," sells its products in Ukraine and abroad. In 2013, on the territory of Oil and Fat Plant was opened an oil extraction plant.

In 2014, a new milk canning plant was brought into operation. Its capacity enables to process up to 600 tons of milk per day, with the prospect of enlargement to 1.2 thousand tons per day. The total investment in construction is more than 650 million UAH.

The construction began of the 4th stage of Vinnytsia Confectionary totaling to 233 million UAH.

Vinnytsia successfully cooperates with international organizations and institutions: the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) etc.

Public transport is the base to provide the viability of a modern European city, that is why by improving urban transport system, Vinnytsia goes European way - priority is given to development of public electric transport. It is an economically viable, environmentally-oriented solution and it provides a high level of mobility. Annual passengertransportation cycle is about 190 million passengers.

Green area of Vinnytsia occupies 53 % of city's territory. According to the annual ranking of the most polluted cities of Ukraine Vinnytsia has one of the lowest indices of pollution (Central Geophysical Observatory of Ministry of Emergency Situations).

Vinnytsia is one of the ecologically cleanest cities in Ukraine due to the absence of hazardous industries, the use of advanced technologies in the construction of new industrial facilities and compliance with modern requirements for environmental protection.

Vinnytsia is a green city and the total territory of city's green area is 3 643 ha. In 2013, about 200 000 flowers and 150 trees were planted in city parks, public gardens, squares, along streets and on building surrounding grounds.

Since April 2014, we have an approved Concept of forming of the city planned green frame, and its implementation will enable to develop effectively recreational areas in close relationship with already urbanized environment.

Vinnytsia is one of the cleanest cities in Ukraine as to the field waste management. Since 2012, the city has been implementing "The Program of Household Waste Management in the City of Vinnytsia for the period 2013-2020." At the end of 2013, the waste sorting station was launched and the station enables to process up to 100 cubic meters of waste per hour. A cogeneration unit for producing electricity with capacity of 400- 500 kW/h is planned to be launched.

In autumn 2014, Vinnytsia is planning to start a pilot eco-project on implementing separate collection of household waste.

STUDY IN VINNYTSIA. Vinnytsia is a student city. More than 33 thousand students study in 13 higher educational institutions.

Vinnytsia medical, technical and agricultural universities have national status.

Every year, city universities prepare about 11 thousand specialists in range of 169 professions.

Students from over 42 countries study in Vinnytsia universities. The largest number of foreign students in Vinnytsia are from Jordan and Yemen.

Virtual patient "SKIF," developed by scientists of Vinnytsia National Medical University, is predicted to gain the Nobel Prize. "SKIF" is a system for computer identifications of human body functions that reflects the work of the human body in various pathological conditions and diseases and allows following the effect of drugs on the body. Representatives from 42 countries have sent requests to purchase the system, which was in development for over 15 years.

Vinnytsia National Technical University is the only higher education institution in Ukraine, where the academic year is based on three-semester scheme in which two semesters are for training and one is for working.

FEELTHE CITY SPIRIT. Vinnytsia owes its present look of the historic center to Grygory Artynov (1860-1919), who since 1900 and up to his death served as the city chief architect. One of the oldest streets in Vinnytsia was named in his honor. In 2010, at the expense of Vinnytsia community a bronze monument to the first Vinnytsia architect was erected.

Among the city's attractions there are Museum-estate of famous surgeon Mykola Pyrogov, House of Russian military leader Oleksiy Brusylov, Museum-Estate of Mykhaylo Kotsyubynskyy, religious and fortification buildings of the i7th-i8th centuries, and the the ruins of secret headquarters "Werewolf." Not far from the modern city center is the old Jewish quarter Jerusalymka.

Names of prominent figures of culture and science are bound with Vinnytsia: world-known physician-refomator Mykola Pyrogov, Ukrainian composer, author of the famous "Shchedryk" Mykola Leontovych, one of the founders of modern Ukrainian literature Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyy, a brilliant representative of the European artistic avant-garde artist Nathan Altman, the founder of modern Russian sociological science Yuriy Levada, an ingenious aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, the first head of Poland Jozef Pilsudski, the theorist and virtuoso of Russian billiard Alexander Leman and many others.

A good trend of recent years is reconstruction of historic buildings.

In 2013, Vinnytsia got two squares at once. Known citywide Kozytskyy Square is now officially called the European square. The Museum square has recently become Taras Shevchenko Square - in March 2014, here at the expense of local community was erected a monument for great Ukrainian poetTaras Shevchenko, and the renewed square was opened in August.

After reconstruction in 2011, the Independence Square became a favorite place for leisure forVinnytsia citizens.

Square in front of the Central department store, which was opened in 2013 after reconstruction, looks modern and dynamic. Located in the renewed square light and music fountains attract citizens.

City parks and city green areas create cozy and pleasant chill on a hot day. Central City Park is a monument of landscape art of national importance. Its area is 40 hectares.

Nations Friendship park is the largest in the city (90 hectares) and is a favorite holiday destination of Vinnytsia citizens attracting with its nearenessto Vyshenske Lake and the Botanical Garden at the National Museum-Estate of Mykola Pyrogov.

Monuments of XX-XXI centuries are: Memorial of Glory (1958), the monument of Mykola Pyrogov (1971); among interesting monuments of the times of independence (since 1991) are a monument of Vasyl Stus (2002) and a memorial to Ukrainian song (2005).

Vinnytsia is a Fountain City. Floating Fountain „Roshen,"the only one in Ukraine and the largest in Europe, became a symbol ofVinnytsia city. ItwasbuiltintheSouthern Bug river near Kempa Island. According to the technical characteristics, the height of the vertical flow is 60 meters, front dispersion is 140 meters. Using a laser projector with a screen, consisting of a water-air mixture that is distributed along the entire length of the fountain, allows showing videos in 3D format.

Uniqueness of fountain "Rochen" is in the socalled "overwinter technology," which allows to dip fountain's construction underthe ice in winter.

To highlight the Central bridge 126 highly efficient LED lamps has been used, which are guided by a computer program and consume only 4 kWI h.

In 2013 a complex reconstruction of the fountain in the Central Park wit hthe history of 55 years was conducted. All used materials and technologies are modern, but after completion of the works fountain looks exactly as many generations of citizens remember it. Fountain has multicolored lighting, which consists of 70 searchlights.

If you would like to feel the city atmosphere, visitthe most spectacular city-wide holidays — Europe Day and City Day.

Europe Day in Vinnytsia is a European street art festival, which combines different genres: from streettheater and "live sculpture" to street musicians and 3D-drawings. Everywhere one can hear live music- from classical to the most modern musical trends.

City birthday is a spectacularfest with carnival procession and countless guests. Performing artists and musicians create festive mood. They present programs on an identified topic.The holiday isfinalized with a show program on Vasyl Stus square and musical fireworks.

During three summer months on weekends each citizen orcity guest may be engaged into an interactive project "Art Weekend." At several sites in different parts of the city there are mind sports and entertaining games, workshops and concerts.

During art projects, four records of Ukraine were set: creation of the largest intercultural batik devoted to Europe Day; creation of the biggest numberof pictures within 10 hours (the project "100 paintings of one day"); creating the largest Ukrainian chaplet to Ivana Kupaia holiday. First Vinnytsia parade of round loaves (korovay) entered Ukrainian Book of Records in category "Confectionery. Mass events."

Vinnytsia is a city of festivals, and each year it holds numerous art events: International jazz festival "Vinnytsia Jazzfest," International Festival of Classical Music of PetroTchaikovsky and Nadiya von Meek, Forum of young music "Music colours of the XX century. Vanguard. Classic. Jazz," Festival of bard song "Sounds of Poetry,"

Ukrainian Festival of Contemporary Art "Podilska pectoral," Choral Assembly of Mykola Leontovych, International Children's Festival of folk dance "Barvinkove Kruzhalo," International VINNYTSiAnskyy festival of comedy and parody movies.

The heart of Vinnytsia theatrical life is Vinnytsia Regional Ukrainian Academic Music and DramaTheatre named for Mykola Sadovsky, built in 1910. This scene remembers theatre performances of "Berezil" theatre, the one named for M. Zankovetska, Moscow DramaTheatre under the direction ofV. Meyerhold. Our theatre became the basis for establishing of Ivan FrankoTheatre in Kiev.

Vinnytsia Regional Academic Puppet Theater "Zolotyy Klyuchyk" is one of the oldest in Ukraine. In 1999, on its initiative, International Festival of Puppet Theaters "Podilska lyalka" was launched.

City art collectives form cultural landscape of modern Vinnytsia: City Academic Chamber Choir "Vinnytsia," Children's Center of Arts and Dance Education "Barvinok," choreographic ensembles "Step-Company" and "Kvity Podillya," children's group of ballroom dance "Dance-Club Bolero," city brass pop ensemble "Vin Band."

Various kinds of sport develop in Vinnytsia, as European lifestyle of citizens involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The most important city sports institutions are stadiums: Central City Stadium, stadium in Central Park of Culture and Rest for grass hockey (Vinnytsia is a home city for grass hockey in Ukraine), a Gym.