Архив тегов: Жмеринка – обличчя міста

Жмеринка – обличчя міста

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Zhmerynka is a town in Vinnytsia region. It was founded in the second half of the 19th century; the building of the railway Kyiv-Balta gave start to a new town. The name of the railway station comes from the names of two villages-Velyka (Big) and Mala (Small) Zhmerynka. In September of 1871 the new Volochys'k line, the shortest railway route connecting the South of Ukraine with the Austrian Empire and the Western European countries, was put into operation. On August 30, 1892 another line, Zhmerynka-Mohyliv started functioning. The construction of a locomotive depot began.

Zhmerynka grew rapidly and soon became an important railway junction. The need for a new railway station arose. Architect V. Rykov designed the building of the station (with the assistance of architect D. Zhuravs'kyi) in the shape