Архив тегов: Харківська область – загальногеографічна карта

Харківська область – загальногеографічна карта

Харківська область - загальногеографічна картаСкачать «Харківська область - загальногеографічна карта»

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Kharkiv оblast

Kharkivschyna, formed in 1932, is the oldest and largest region of Eastern Ukraine, which borders on the Russian Federation in the north. Most of the region lies within the Pre-Dnipro Lowland in the east, and in the north­east it partly lies in the spurs of Middle Russian Upland. The area is a low hilled plain slightly tilted southward. The elaborate intricate ‘lacework’ of Slobozhanschyna’s rivers: the Siversky Donets and its tributaries, the Bereka, Vovcha, Udy, Oskol and others, adds to the natural beauty of the area.

The Paleolithic settlements remains testily for an early human presence in the area, whereas Neo-Paleolithic remains are indicative of the rapid growth of the period. The 13th-c. Tatar-Mongol yoke, however, rendered the vast area into Dyke Pole (Wild Field) with only occa­sional settlements hiding in the woods hardly passable for the cavalry. The resettlement of the area began in the mid- 17th c. with an inflow of refugees from both the Poland controlled areas, and central parts of Muscovy. The years of 1711—15 saw a greater influx of immigrants from the north as the Russian government began to encourage mi­gration to reinforce the southern frontiers which were moved towards the Black and Azov seas. The re-settlers founded small townships (sloboda), which gave the name to the whole area — Slobozhanschyna or Sloboda Ukraine.

It was due to the 17lh-c. resettlement of the area, that most cities were founded. By the 1650s, the ori­ginal